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Your Child’s First Visit

We love to see little ones in our office and find that many kids like going to the same place mom and dad go to. It’s a good idea to take your child for their first regular dental visit just after your child’s third birthday. Some 3-year-olds are ready for the full exam, and some just want to come in and “go for a ride”  in our chair. Once your child is comfortable with us taking a look, we will gently examine your child’s teeth for cavities, conduct an orthodontic screening to see if your child will need ortho, but most importantly, we will review with you how to clean and care for your child’s teeth. Our visits are quick and easy, and most children do great.

Dentist Winter Garden Hygienist with Patient
What Should I Tell My Child About the First Dental Visit

We are asked this question many times. We suggest you prepare your child the same way you would before their first haircut or trip to the shoe store. Your child’s reaction to his/her first visit to the dentist may surprise you.

First Visit Tips
  • -Take your child for a “preview” of the office.
  • -Read books with them about going to the dentist.
  • -Review with them what the dentist will be doing at the time of the first visit.
  • -Speak positively about your own dental experiences.
  • -Examine your mouth, teeth, and gums.
  • -Evaluate adverse habits like thumb sucking.
  • -Check to see if you need fluoride.
  • -Teach you about cleaning your teeth and gums.
  • -Suggest a schedule for regular dental visits.
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What About Preventive Care

Preventive care is our first priority when it comes to your child’s dental health and the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. We not only treat your child’s dental health needs but also educate them on healthy hygiene habits they’ll stick to the rest of their lives. We use only the latest dental technologies for your child’s preventive care, such as dental sealants and other methods, to protect their teeth from future decay.

Cavity Prevention

Most of the time, cavities are due to a diet high in sugary foods and a lack of brushing. We will most likely be recommending sealants on all your child’s permanent molars as soon as we see them coming in. Sealants are a protective coating that we paint into the deep grooves of the teeth to help prevent a cavity in the future. They are quick and easy to apply, and they do a world of good in the fight against cavities!

Tips for Cavity Prevention
  • -Limit frequency of snacks and sugary drinks throughout the day.
  • -Encourage brushing, flossing, and rinsing.
  • -Promote water for your child and refrain from juices, sports drinks, and sodas.
  • -Avoid giving your child sticky foods and candies.
  • -Avoid gummy vitamins with sugar in them.
  • -Introduce more nutritious snacks into their diet.
Baby Teeth

The first baby teeth that come into the mouth are the two bottom front teeth. You will notice this when your baby is about 6-8 months old. Next to follow will be the 4 upper front teeth, and the remainder of your baby’s teeth will appear periodically. They will usually appear in pairs along the sides of the jaw until the child is about 2 1/2 years old.

At around 2 1/2 years old, your child should have all 20 teeth. Between the ages of 5 and 6, the first permanent tooth will begin to erupt. Some of the permanent teeth replace baby teeth, and some don’t. Don’t worry if some teeth are a few months early or late as all children are different.

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