Orthodontics in Winter Garden, FL


At Titus Dental, we love to use Invisalign to straighten teeth. Invisalign is the perfect solution for both teens and adults who want a smile they can be proud of without the hassle or social stress of having braces. Most of our clients will find a beautiful, redesigned smile in 18 to 24 months with the help of Invisalign. Over the course of that time, you will wear a series of clear aligners that you change out every week. Each set will move your teeth a little bit until we have them where we want them. The aligners are comfortable, virtually invisible, and removable, making them a popular choice for adults and teens seeking a more discreet approach to straightening their teeth.


With advancements in dental technology, traditional braces are now sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable for your children or yourself. Consisting of standard metal brackets placed on your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire, traditional braces can help correct crooked or crowded teeth, a misaligned bite, and jaw problems. Some orthodontic cases are just better treated with traditional braces, and we are happy to be able to offer them as an option at Titus Dental.


Early intervention ortho typically begins between 6 and 10 years old. However, many of our little patients can benefit from ortho a little earlier so that we can make a little more space for all the permanent teeth to come in. Our early intervention ortho (Phase 1 Ortho) is usually for only a few months, but it can make a big difference in what their orthodontic needs, maybe a few years later. So if you have any questions about if your little one could benefit from earlier intervention, give us a call, and we will take a quick look.

Phase One Orthodontics

Comprehensive ortho begins once most permanent teeth are in and are often begun in the early teen years. We use both Invisalign and traditional ortho to accomplish our goals in comprehensive ortho to produce a beautiful smile our patients can be happy to share. 


Our patients say the nicest things


I HIGHLY recommend Titus Dental. The staff is warm and professional, and both dentists are amazing - - - knowledgeable, considerate and patient. Everyone at Titus Dental goes above and beyond to make your visit stress free.



Dr. Gary is awesome. I broke a filling & he squeezed me in at the end of the day! All fixed! Thank you!



This is the friendliest dental experience I have had. On top of the amazing culture there, it is very professional as well. The hygienist was so easy on my teeth and it didn’t hurt a bit. Best experience ever with a dentist!



I wish there were more than 5 stars! Every single employee here is amazing. They are personable, welcoming and really know how to calm individuals who are anxiety-ridden over doctor offices.



Best dentist and dental office in West Orange County!! Dental cleaning without pain or guilt!!



Went in for a filling and Dr. Titus suggested a quick procedure that basically gave me back my smile for the first time in decades. I couldn't believe my eyes. The best dentist appointment of my life.



The best dental practice in Orlando. The staff is super friendly, very professional and outstanding in every aspect of patient care. They truly care and make me feel like part of their family and a VIP on every visit.



The team at Titus were fantastic. Very patient, and such professionals. My teeth look and feel great and I made it out alive! Lol I HIGHLY recommend Titus Dental



From the time that I walked in, until my appointment was complete, I felt cared for, valued, and affirmed. The staff made certain that I was heard and understood each step of my process.



If I could give 5,000 stars I would. Great service, I felt so so special and well treated. So much respect, kindness and empathy. I will definitely keep going back and trusting them. It has been a great experience and I’m very grateful.

Arlyn A


Dr. Gary is the absolute best! Treated my sudden need of a front tooth fill with compassion and dental precision. Saw me at the end of their work day and stayed until it was it was completely finished in the most professional manner.

Donna F


I was searching for a new dentist and am delighted to find Titus dental. Dr. Titus provided excellent care and made me feel very comfortable. I had the best dental cleaning ever. I recommend them ? %


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